email software / integration

I appreciate your software - DevonThink Pro Office - a lot and your support team is really responsive and helpful!

By working a lot with emails - as many of us -. I would appreciate a more integrated functionality as is. It is totally clear that I can just drag and drop my email into a subfolder etc. That’s not an issue. The issue is that this results in no functionality to work with the email in devonthink. It just stores it. I can not answer it, threads are not bound together if not already done by the email software etc. What would be really great, if you could expand devonthink with powerful email functionality (Outlook and Apple email programm are fine, but I can think of better functionality) Where I can use devonthink also as my email software. Mails get automatically sorted to the right subfolders etc. I have everything to a project in one folder with or without subfolders, or a separate database - heaven gets nearer!

In the moment we users have to have the same subfolders in the email software as in devonthink. Thats double work and hinders us in working. By integrating this in one system, we would get some spare time and a lot more functionality (most of it already existent in devonthink).

If you then can integrate an easy to use graphical (!!!) workflow engine for single users as for teams (not every one is using Macs and even not all Mac users use devonthink, so it needs to be something working in a heterogeneous environment without using cloud technology for security reasons) our work would be better and better supported.

Thanks for your help and understanding.

Which edition do you use? DEVONthink Pro Office supports e.g. replying, threading, searching, archiving or converting of emails.

Does it also support receiving emails?
For the rest: sorry, then that part of my post is irrelevant and I just am not familiar enough with the application.

No, DEVONthink is not an email client so it can’t receive emails.

As devonthink is no email client: can you please change that, that’s basically what I would appreciate. Having all in one place, would be much better than in separate systems.

Tbis is not a small change. You don’t just flip a switch or add a line of code and software becomes an email client. An email client is an entirely different piece of software from DEVONthink.

You mean a Jack of all trades, master of none?

I’m curious – why would that be better?

Software suites that combined features like mail, editing, databases, etc., were the rage in the 1980s and none of them survived. As @pvonk wrote “jack of all trades, master of none”. When a developer tries to cram features that are not their core competency into a product, consumers begin to dislike the product because they recognize things like “DEVONthink’s email software is worse than Apple’s”. And they walk away.

DEVONthink integrates very well already with Mail (import, sending documents from a database, etc.). What could possibly be better?

I never noticed that DTPO supports replying or threading. I don’t care about replying (I would rather “Open with” and reply from there), but how do you get a threaded view of imported/archived messages?

Check Preferences > Email.

Note: It can only thread on import.
Note 2: Threading isn’t an exact science. (It’s actually quite an interesting - and deep - subject of study.)