Email to DEVONthink (w/Reader, w/o Rules)

I am considering a switch from Evernote to DEVONthink and am using the demo. I am looking for a way to mail directly to DT without having to use Rules. The reason is because I spend a lot of time away from my computer, but with my iPhone/iPad. I end up researching something in Mobile Safari and need to add it to my research right then. Currently, I send the Safari page to my private email provided by Evernote and it is there within a few moments. Is there any way to accomplish this with DT?

I am assuming with rules that I have to be at my computer or at least have it on at my office miles away, which means that I cannot the articles until I get back.

Also, if the solution is to use DT2G, does that support the Reader feature that I get in Safari? Because this is research, I only want to content without the 20 ads around the sides. Reader strips all this out and emails the content and the URL very clean. Perfect for research.

This is so seamless and works flawlessly in Evernote. DT seems to be miles ahead in dealing with the data afterwards. Now, I just need to ensure that I can get the data in easily.

Thank you for any suggestions!

Wayne Hardy

DEVONthink doesn’t have a central server that processes inbound messages – Evernote does. So, DEVONthink cannot offer the same feature as email-to-Evernote. DEVONthink relies on rules, or scripts, or other workarounds to get mail and other material into your database. That’s very 90’s.

I’m not a fan of DTTG – it is rapidly aging past the current iOS feature set and competitor apps that stay ahead of the platform – and rarely use it anymore. I prefer picking and choosing from the generous range of iOS solutions that put my research into Dropbox or Box or private WebDAV spaces – all of which I index in DEVONthink on the desktop. Things that I clip, copy, snap, or write while out and about are in my indexed folders when I return.