eMail to PDF

Hi there.

There is a Script that converts any document into a PDF. I know that. But it does not produces the result I am looking for.

I also know this blog entry by Eric: … es-to-pdf/

But it does not work as advertised for me since toggling the “Use alternative view” does not really change anything as far as the way eMails are displayed in Devonthink is concerned.

There must be something I am missing …

Well, before batch processing hundreds of eMails – I would like to turn into PDF while having them looking exactly as they would look once reopend in - it seems I have to switch to the alternative View. But it only works for one eMail at a time only. Not for the entire catalogue (although I did as told --> see attached image).

Is there a way of achieving what I am striving for?

Else is there by chance some keyboard maestro script that at least could support me in opening the eMail from within Devonthink in, having it there in being exported as PDF to a previously already designated folder.

Help highly appreciated.


The default view is based on Quick Look and can’t be converted to PDFs, the alternate view is convertable but…

…doesn’t display emails exactly as Apple Mail, especially complex HTML emails might be rendered poorly. Finally, by using the script suggested in the blog, multiple emails can be converted.

I use cmd-Shift-O within DEVONthink to open the email in DEVONthink directly in the On ios I found that I can share the email in DEVONthink To Go to “Copy to AltaMail”. AltaMail will open up with the email as an attachment to a new message, but if you tap the attachment, you have the email viewable and can reply or forward the email.

I find this very helpful in that I can remove emails from my mail client and keep the relevant ones files in DEVONthink to particular projects/tasks. An OmniFocus task could remind me to follow up on an email and that task has the DEVONthink link to the email. Now when the time comes to reply to that email, I can from either ios or my Mac.