Email with attachments

What is the best way to get an email with attachments into DTTG Using iOS only?

Apple Mail on iOS apps is notorious for not sharing data easily. If you have a device large enough to support full Split Screen, you can drag and drop the email into DTTG.

And attachments will transfer also? What about when on iPhone?

The attachments aren’t included, but are noted and can be downloaded via the attachment icon at the top of the screen.

The iPhone does not support full Split Screen.

Hello, there. I am new user. I am using outlook app for work and spark email for personal use. I tried to drag through split screen. But it doesn’t work. Does it only work for apple mail? Or need to get add-on from the two apps direct?

I don’t have Outlook but an application has to support drag and drop. It’s not something under our control. Spark doesn’t appear to allow any drag and drop in iOS.

Thank you very much! So much to learn from how to use DTTG to make my work flow more efficient. Thanks.

You’re welcome.