Email workflows

I am evaluating Devonthink Pro for incorporating Outlook emails in my workflow. The constraints that I face are (1) unable to add notes to emails (other than attaching email as pdf or rtf or link or enter text summary into the note, basically treating emails as attachments) (2) unable to link related emails (other than groups by sender, subject or time).

I like that DTPro can extract and index the eml files from Outlook but I don’t know what to do beyond that to simplify my workflow. I am not well versed with scripts and am still researching on Wikilinks. My ideal situation is to cross link sections in my notes to specific paragraphs in the email text or its attachments (mostly pdf or MS office) per project.

I’m interested to know how others are integrating emails into their workflow so that I can be guided by their experience. Thanks in advance for sharing.

See the Annotations and Reminders Inspector ( Ctrl 3 ). You could add comments to either an Annotations file or the Finder Comment.

To link emails, you could copy/paste an Item Link into either field as well.

Thanks! This will take me a few days to fully decipher but it looks promising :+1: