Emails are randomly appearing in the Global Inbox

Hi Everyone,

I’m hoping somebody can help me understand what is happening here. A couple of days ago, I tried DTPO (I’ve just got DTP for now) and at that time, I tested importing/archiving a few emails. I’ve since removed DTPO but for some odd reason, a couple emails appear in the Global inbox every so often. I’ve not been able to decipher the rhyme or reason as to which emails appear and I don’t have any automation running that would send emails to DTP.

Has anybody seen something similar? What could be capturing these emails?


Did you import them via the Sorter? Does deleting the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Sorter/Global Inbox fix the issue?

At the moment, I’ve got the sorter disabled since I rely on other methods to get data into DTP. I’ll try and delete the folder mentioned and see if the issue goes away.

I’ll report back in a couple of days. Usually, each new day I get a new couple of emails.


Always the same emails or different emails? Did you set up rules in Apple Mail to add emails to DEVONthink?

Always different emails. I double checked to see if I had any Mail rules, but none, hence me asking here. Already scratching my head about this one.

As I said previously, I had yet to see a pattern as to which emails it’s importing. They seem rather random. At times, I’ll have a couple new emails in my inbox, but only 1 is imported, other times 2 or 3 are imported.

Oddly enough, I can’t find the folder you mentioned. I’ve only got ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/…

Checked on all 3 of my Macs and nothing there.

Minor update on this issue. After initially posting and doing a few more tests (fully removing DTP/DTPO) those pesky emails stopped showing up. :slight_smile: