Emails with embedded graphics


When I import emails that contain graphics from apple mail using the “message->ad to DT”, the graphics embedded in the email do not carry over into DT. When I save the email to a pdf and import it into DT, the graphics are preserved. Am I doing something wrong?

When you capture an email into a DT Pro Office database the default display is provided by Quick Look, and images and attachments are not available. In fact, one cannoe select and copy text to the clipboard in that view.

But in the navigation bar just above the text pane in which the email is displayed, there’s a little “Text” icon.

Click on that icon and the display becomes rich text, showing images and attachments (attachments may be opened) and allowing one to select and copy content from the message.

Is this the correct button? I see that it makes the email change to a rich text. But the images do not appear either in the document or below.
I think I am missing something.

Ah, but you see the little graphic that signals that the image wasn’t downloaded when the message was captured to your database.

I see that often, because I’ve got Mail preferences set not to automatically download images in my messages. I don’t bother with a spam filter, but that’s one of the reasons I get very little spam. Spammers have tricks such as sending out messages to random email addresses, with a graphic embedded (it may be invisible); if the recipient’s computer requests that the graphic be downloaded, a message is received by the spammer that he has “hit” a valid email address – the recipient has inadvertently replied to the spam message, which is usually a mistake.

Obviously, I cannot capture images in my messages saved in a database, so long as Mail is configured that way, so if I want images included I need to change that setting.

If I turn off that Mail setting, and choose DTPO Preferences > Email - Message Content and check the option to download “remote” images in HTML messages, I can capture the message to my database, and the images will be visible in Quick Look.

Great, it worked
thanks again

Not so. The “little graphic” indicates only that the image isn’t loading. The image will load if the user is viewing the (Rich) Text Alternative and has enabled DEVONthink Pro Office > Preferences > Email Download remote images in HTML messages. Whether or not that same setting in Mail is enabled has no effect in DTPO.