Is there a way, to read a email txt file, and separate via
the emails via a string, then have DT import them in
as single email text files?

I have several large txt files, that contain thousands,
of single emails, that have been exported as text files.



This is currently not possible but might come in a future release. There are of course CLI commands to split large text files but this is of course not a user-friendly solution.

this is a truly gcool product, so great i am writing in this board (something i have never done!).

i was just looking at the new ‘creo - six degrees’ product, which fulfills a parralel need that DevonThink provides, with very different functionality.

it’s a cool idea - the prog tracks everything you do on your puter: watches mouse clicks, files attached & sent and creates a dynamic link system to these files/emails/contacts - and opens them in there native applications as you work.
It serves a purpose specifically for managing developing projects, collaborating etc.

The needs which devonthink/devonagent fulfills, in much more useful ways than six degrees employs, are management based - my ideas, projects yet to be born, a business plan, clients etc etc, yet DT does not cover that vital part of the administration/project management which is EMAIL!

My suggestion is: if Devonthink incorporated email/contact/reader functionality into it it would be a truly unbeatable product.
If it could search your existing email client database and find matches/links based on info/contacts/attachments etc it would make my and a whole world of peoples lives a lot easier.

And isn’t that worth striving for!?

( thanx for listening . . .  ;]  )


A future release (v1.9?) will import mbox files (the standard Unix format for mailboxes - Apple’s Mail uses this format and most email clients are able to export to mbox files at least).