Embed thumbnail images in Markdown

I like that I can embed any image in a database within a markdown file via ![](item-link).

Even better would be if I could use the same logic for embedding all files with a thumbnail image. Is this something you have planned for the future?

What you want would require a means to render all files to some kind of recognizable small image.

I very much doubt that that’s possible (converting an MP3 to an image, for example).

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. Markdown files support linking, not embedding via the type of link you mentioned.

I’m referring to image links like this one:

![Bild 2021-10-09 090055](x-devonthink-item://19187588-B4CD-4834-8727-5DF26E774DA8)

As many files have a preview image and DevonThink shows it correctly - my question is, if it is feasible and reasonable to make them includable in Markdown as well.

May be you can script it