Embedded PDF in RTF

I need to use documents with lots of formulas and that are easily editable.

My best solution so far is to write a RTF and convert Latex formulas into tiny pdf’s embedded by “Equation Service” or “Latexit”. This works both for TextEdit and Mail. But when I do the same in DT or import these files, DT only show links to PDF’s so the document is totally useless.

Is there a way to make DT behave like TextEdit for embedded pdf’s? Can anybody suggest a better way to handle formulas?


Im not certain this will do what you need, but try it.

Preferences > Editing – check Display PDF attachments of rich text.

It works!!! :smiley:
Thank you very much! I don’t know how didn’t I see it after so many hours.

DT is great and the community also!