Embedding audio in RTF files

I’m trying to embed audio files within RTF files (using 1.9a).

When I first drag an AIFF or WAV file to the RTF file, a little QuickTime strip shows up and I can play the file directly from the RTF page (which is how I would like this to work).

After I look at any other file and come back to the RTF page, the audio files have changed to LINKS that open in external programs.

Do I have something wrong in my prefs, or is this a bug?


Hmmm . . . I just tried this in ScrapIt Pro, and the same thing happened.

Yes, I am having the same problem. Those files are usually much too big to store in DTPro. DTPro crashed the last time I tried to save a QuickTime strip. Is there a way to get around this?

Just add the QuickTime files to the database (and not to a rich text). Note: V2 will fix this problem as V2 will be file-based.

That’s great news, because right now I have to use another program to make this work. I need to create rtf files with both text and movies and sound files, and they need to run within the file. Bill has helped me find solutions, and they are great ideas, but it most cases they don’t really fit the bill, as I need to be able to edit and add to these files and it gets a bit cumbersome. So I’ve been using CP Notebook to make this work.

But it would be best to have this function in DT Pro itself, since that is where I really need to store these files, so I’m delighted that I’ll be able to do this down the road (won’t even ask when! :slight_smile: ).


Thanks Christian.

It is not a Quicktime file. It is a .wav file.

I am assuming you mean change the preferences to “copy files into database”. I changed the preferences but it did not make a difference. Is that what you wanted me to do?

Note: I can live with this knowing that V2 will solve the problem.


No, I meant to add the file via “File > Import/Index/Link To” to the database or by dropping it on DT’s icon or in a window (e.g. to the left pane of the vertical split view).

Thanks Christian. That does it.

The level of support and promptness of replies from you guys in these forums is truly impressive. Coupled with impressive software makes Devontechnologies a very good deal. Well done.