eml (mail) files can not be visualized via the webserver

hello folks,

I have a shared database with lots of eml files. All the other files, e.g. pdf, will be displayed correctly, but not even one of the eml files. any ideas why?

best regards


Could you tell us a bit more about what you see with the emls that are not “displayed correctly”? Nothing at all? Something different than what Mail shows, but readable? Garbled? Something else?

Are more than one users accessing that database at the same time?

  1. the webserver is up and running
  2. the database is a shared database
  3. all eml files (mails) can be visualized normally with the DT Client

when it try to look at one of this eml files via the browser i got nothing.

should be possible to display eml files with the web client, or?

Emails are not (yet) converted to HTML by the webserver as encrypted emails might require a lot of CPU time and/or access to the keychain. Therefore it’s only possible to download them at the moment.