Empty automated searches

I have a set of automated DevonAgent searches which send results to DT3. These are typically configured as “Express Search” with multiple plugins including Google and blogs.

Some work fine. Others produce no results from the automated search even though a manual search with DevonAgent produces lots of responses.

For example this manual search has numerous responses:

But this automated search has blank results:

Why might this be?

A screenshot of the Advanced settings would be useful too. Or just upload the zipped search set after exporting and I’ll check this.

For the above example, I did finally get a large set of responses show up yesterday. It had run daily for almost a week with no responses. Its advanced settings are:

This search however has been run daily for over a week with no automated results even though a manual search shows there should be many responses:

Did you enable the “Ignore Cache” option in the Schedule tab?

Yes - can you clarify what that does?

The search set ignores the cache completely to avoid outdated results. By the way, did you archive any results in DEVONagent?

No results are archived

A. copy of the search set would be useful.

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