Empty file and lost data

I created two text files on DTTG and then sync’d back to my Mac. On the Mac the files showed in the Global inbox with the content. All good so far. I then moved those files to the right database and folder, a folder that is replicated to the Sync folder within that database. The files and content now showed in the new location. I re-synch’d the database. The first time the files still showed in DTTG in the Global inbox and not the new location. I renamed the files (to remove the date) and sync’d a second time and the files moved but the files were now empty in DTTG but not the Mac. Lastly, I changed the content of one of the files (deleted a space), saved, and re-synch’d. Now the two original files were showing empty on the DTTG and the Mac plus the one file without changes had a second entry where the one instance had data and the other did not. On DTTG I have two empty files of the one not changed and one empty file for the one changed.

Tried a new transaction. Create one file in DTTG. Sync to Mac. The file shows in Global inbox. Moved file on Mac to different database and folder. Re-sync. File still in Global inbox for DTTG and not in new location. On Mac the file is in new location and now a new copy is in my Global inbox. (this may have happened before but I did not look). Edited the file in new location on the Mac. Sync. Now file on DTTG is moved to new location with new content. On Mac file in Global inbox still exist with old content and in new location with new content. Renamed the file on the Mac. Sync. File names are correct on Mac and DTTG.

All very confusing, but also disconcerting that content created on DTTG, sync’d, moved, re-sync’d might disappear depending on how many changes are performed before re-sync. Also file movement and tracking is not clear. Insights would be helpful.

(iPad2 iOS 4.3.2 DTTG 1.1 and MBP 10.6.7 DTPO 2.0.9)

I’ll do some tests and see if I can reproduce this case.

We are aware of some issues with moving files and syncing. One process that seems to help is the following:

1: Create documents in DtTG
2: Sync with DtPO
3: Move documents to correct database sync folder in DtPO
4: Change document names (or content) in DtPO
5: Sync DtTG

I see that you followed a similar process, but with a few additional steps. Could you try the steps listed above and see if that works better for you?