Empty specific DB's trash

Hi again…

Here’s my situation…
I’m running into issues trying to manage docs in the database that are partly indexed, and partly embedded. Sometimes I’ll look at a folder and realize I don’t really need that indexed there, so I delete it. Then later I delete some files that are stored in the DB. For the former, I’d like to “deindex” them, and the latter, I want to destroy them. Once I get into this point, my trash is “all or nothing”… right?

Here’s my request (you knew it was coming!) :slight_smile:
Today I figured that I probably am most likely to deindex from one specific database and destroy from another, but the individual DB trashes don’t allow me to empty them individually. And, more specifically than that, it doesn’t look like you can drill down into each trash and make the decision on a file-by-file basis. Could something like this be implemented?

Just choose “Only in database”, that will “destroy” the files stored in the database and remove the references to indexed files (assuming that that’s the “deindexing”).