Empty "Tags" file stuck in Global Inbox

Dear DT Experts: I have DevonThink Pro Office 2. For some reason, an empty “Tags” file is stuck in my global inbox. It won’t let itself be deleted or moved. How do I get rid of it? Or is it supposed to be there? I attach a picture of what the situation looks like. Help will be MUCH appreciated!
Global Inbox.tiff (20.8 KB)

It is supposed to be there, and it will actually become a tag group (with sub-tags) should you tag documents that are in the Global Inbox. When tagging documents in the Global Inbox, DEVONthink will search all tags in all open databases to suggest a tag for auto-completion.

To let you know how this works, if you move a document from the Global Inbox to a database that already has the same tag, then the document will be tagged the same as other documents in that database with the same tag. If you move the document to a database that does not already have that particular tag, then the tag will be created in the target database.

THANK YOU! This was a super-quick, and illuminating answer!

Glad to help. One thing that I forgot to mention-if you tag a lot of files in the Global Inbox before moving the files to other databases, after a while you will have a lot of empty tags under the ‘Tags’ group of the Global Inbox. You can delete those at any time if you like to keep things tidy. The documents will retain their tags in the database and the Global Inbox tags will be re-created as you tag new documents in the Global Inbox.

Even more thanks!