Empty Trash but files keep re-appearing

I have a database that has about 7200 files that are indexed. I initially was thinking I would synch that database to my iPod so I replicated the entire database into the sync group. I’ve since changed my mind. So I deleted the replicants from the sync group by dragging them to the trash in DT.

I did an empty trash, and selected only in database as the delete option because I do not want to delete any of the files themselves.

This appears to work, the DT trash is empty but as soon as I restart DT they are all back in the trash. Doesn’t matter whether I sync to DTTG or not I can’t get rid of the stuff in the trash.

Related is that I cannot delete the now un-needed database from my DTTG app on my iPod.

How do I get this all cleaned up?

Got instructions from Tech Support to do the following:

1a) If you have any useful information in the Global Inbox, move it to another database or to a new temporary database.

1b) Quit the DEVONthink application.

1c) Locate and move to the Trash the folders named “DEVONthink Pro 2” and “DEVONthink Sorter” at ~/Library/Application Support/.

1d) Launch the DEVONthink application. Run Install Add-Ons. That should resolve the issue.

Got stuck at 1c
There is no folder DEVONThink Sorter on my machine that I can find.

the DEVONThink Pro 2 folder is located in ~Library/Caches/Metadata/ not in Application Support

Does anyone have any information that the Metadata folder is the correct one to delete?

The metadata folder is not the folder that you want, or need, to delete. What edition of DEVONthink are you using-Pro, or something else?

I’m running DEVONThink Pro Office

Actually, the instructions I gave are fine for DT Pro but are overkill for DT Pro Office, as deleting the entire folder named ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ at ~/Library/Application Support/ would require re-downloading the ABBYY OCR module.

Instead of deleting the entire ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ folder from within the Application Support folder, look inside the ‘DEVONthink Pro 2’ folder and move the file named ‘Inbox.dtBase2’ to the Trash.

Otherwise, the previously noted instructions will work.

To find the folder named ‘Application Support’ in your user Library, go to the Finder. Under the list of Places in the left column of the Finder window click on your user account name, then on Library, and you will see the Application Support folder within the Library folder.

You will also find the folder name ‘DEVONthink Sorter’ within the Application Support folder.

(I’m assuming that you had previously successfully installed the DEVONthink Pro Office application and allowed it to run the Install Add-Ons procedure.)

To delete the unwanted database from DEVONthink To Go:

On your iOS device, open Settings. Under the Apps heading, touch ‘DEVONthink’. Under the Troubleshooting section, touch ‘Reset’. Change ‘Reset at Startup’ to ON.

Now go to Home and touch the ‘DEVONthink’ app icon to launch it. It should clear the existing database now.

They may have been overkill but they did not work either. The trash still has the same files in it no matter what I do.

Try looking at the database properties for the Global Inbox (File>Database Properties…) and see if the path to ‘Inbox.dtBase2’ is to the folder ‘~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2’.

After a system restart it is and the folder DEVONthink Pro 2 is there. But the Sorter folder is missing again.

And deleting the file “'Inbox.dtBase2” does not solve the problem The trash still fills up each time I restart DTPO.