Empty trash in DT3

I empty the trash in DT3, in which there are some indexed folders and files, but seems that not finally move these to the system trash. I’m using Big Sur with DT3.6.1. How to recover these files?

Where were these indexed items located? E.g. mounted server volumes don’t support the Finder’s trash usually.

Located on local hard disk.

In that case the items should be in the Finder’s trash. Did you empty it since emptying DEVONthink’s trash? Did you check eventually existing “Trash” subfolders of the Finder’s trash?

Yes I checked, not found them in system trash.

Did you check the indexed folder in the Finder to see if the files are still there?

It’s gone.

If you delete indexed files in DEVONthink and empty the database’s Trash, and files deleted in the Finder would be sent to the system Trash, not deleted immediately.

Are you sure you didn’t have files indexed on a separate volume?