Emptying Trash in DevonThinkPro 3

Very basic question here about DevonThink Pro 3.

I am confused by emptying indexed file groups from Trash. I get the following: “Some files are indexed, external files, or folders. Also remove these files and folders? This cannot be undone.” This is followed by a series of options: “Cancel,” “Files,” “Files and Folders,” “Only in Database.” I used “Only in Database” to be safe because I wasn’t sure what these meant.

Does this mean that DevonThink erases the original files in their original locations? Or does this refer to something else that I’m not comprehending? The idea that DevonThink would erase files in their original locations makes me nervous, but maybe I’m totally misunderstanding what’s going on. Would someone please explain to me what this means?

Thank you so much.

Larry Kant

The “Only in Database” option just removes the references from the database but does not remove the files/folders in the Finder. But the other options (“Files” and “Files & Folders”) remove the files/folders, afterwards they’re in the Finder’s trash.

When you say “in the finder,” you mean the original files and directories that are being indexed, right?

If one were to do this (by mistake, for example), then you would still be able to find them in the Mac Trash right?

And why does DevonThink do this? Isn’t that a risky move that would be easy to do by mistake?

That’s right.

You could enable the option not to ask again and choose the option “Only in Database”, afterwards DEVONthink will always use this option.

Why does DevonThink do this? Isn’t that something one could do on one’s own via Finder? Doesn’t that present an unnecessary risk–especially for those not familiar with the program? What am I missing?

It’s actually quite convenient if you want to get rid of the items in the Finder too.