Emptying trash refills RSS feeds!

Holy Mackerel, Batman!

I just noticed that my DTPO trash was over 4,000 entries, 90% of them from my RSS Feeds database. So, knowing that I didn’t need deleted RSS posts, I selected the Empty Trash menu item. The Trash emptied quite well but when I returned to my RSS Feeds database, I noticed that each feed was beginning to increment, some of them pretty fast. Suddenly instead of having three or four unread posts, I wound up with 780!

Now I begin the laborious task of going through 40 feeds and deleting a bunch of unnecessary posts.

What are your settings in the RSS pref pane?

Check for updates: [every 15 minutes]
√ skip duplicates

Remove articles: [manually]
√also unread articles

Feed style sheet: [Newspaper.css]

FWIW – Make a smart group in the database where your feeds (assuming they might be in a dedicated database?) with Kind = HTML. This will find all documents and put them in one view, where you can sort by whatever date you want and delete huge blocks.

@korm: Hey, thanks for that hugely helpful tip. I do indeed have a database dedicated to the RSS feeds so this will be easy to implement.

Well done!