Enable DTTG as a document provider

Hi guys,

Thanks for a wonderful release, both of DTTG and the companion update for DT to enable syncing.

One feature which would be fantastic is to allow DTTG to be used as a document provider in iOS. This allows other apps to edit the files in place, and save back to DTTG, which would then upload the updated file to the database. This way we can edit files that DTTG doesn’t support natively while retaining a single copy.

Thanks in advance


This is something we have discussed as a possibility. No promises of if and when but it’s in discussion. Thanks.

Oh. My. This would be amazing.

That would be so handy that I can’t even. I really like having BitTorrent Sync as a document provider because it facilitates some great workflow on-the-go and I can forget the hassle of manually versioning things and figuring out what got saved where.

This would be a hugely beneficial ER as more software starts to support document providers.

Me too! I have several OmniOutliner document in DT that I would love to be able to edit “in place” using DTTG as a document provider. :slight_smile:

I would just like to add my voice of support to having DEVONThink To Go act as a Document Provider. This would be so helpful.

I’d like to add my voice to this. I’m currently putting together a presentation that uses a variety of sources and file types. I considered pulling them into DTTG for organisation purposes—but I didn’t because without the document provider functionality it requires too much round-tripping.

Definitely vote for this. Would be a huge win on top of a fantastic app.

+1. This would really extend the utility of DTTG, which is the main repository of reference information/documents on my iPad.


this would be the killer feature and would make apps like documents by readdle redundant. it would get as close to an ios finder as possible. +1000000000000…

I just wanted to also express my support for this. DT as Document Provider would also resolve some issues related to round-tripping files, as discussed here. This, of course, only works if the apps in question allow to open files this way.

It would allow iA Writer, that currently cannot round-trip files, to be used in conjunction with DTTG. I would love that!

a huge THANK YOU to the developers for implementing this feature!

You’re most welcome.