Enable highlight and links in plain text

When working in plain text files I miss two features available only in RTF: Highlight and Links. It would be nice if those could be made available for plain text too. Wiki-Links are no substitute for real links, because they break when changing the name of target.

If it is not possible to make highlight and links work in plain text, I would suggest to do a conversion to rtf in the background when they are used (instead of disabling the menu items)

I would rather like to work with my notes in DTP in plain text only for three reasons:

  1. text manipulations (like global search & replace) via AppleScript are much easier to handle
  2. Drag and drop never carries some wrong formating
  3. No styles in RTF (what the OS RTF engine calles styles is batch assign and has nothing to do with a decent style handling - and the UI is worse than anything I ever seen in any OS. I know it is not your fault)


As a plain text is… well… plain, this is not possible. But 1 & 3 shouldn’t matter if you’re only using one style. And 2) can be replaced by Copy & Paste with current style.

I thought you would say that. But as wiki-links are some kind of “addition” to plain-text I hoped that something similar could work for links and highlight. But I guess that means writing some kind of own text engine placing some tags in the text and hiding them from view (and export).

I really miss a semantic/structured approach (not based on formatting) to work within text in DTP (separating content and form). But I might be the only one thinking that way …