"Enable Javascript" Web setting keeps re-enabling itself in DT

This is a strange one, and I thought I was just going crazy! But I’m pretty sure now that the “Enable Javascript” option in settings under “Web” keeps resetting itself to on, despite me turning it off.

Is it just me? Has anyone else experienced this?

Using: DT 3.9.2 on a 14-in 2021 MBP (M1 Pro).

You’re aware that most web pages don’t function nowadays when you turn off JavaScript?

Um, yes? That’s beside the point.

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No. I’m not able to reproduce the behavior here.
Does it persist after rebooting the machine?

I too am have experienced this. To answer @BLUEFROG’s question, it does persist after rebooting.

Using DT 3.9.2 on 2019 MacBook Pro, Ventura 13.5.2

Welcome @Wombat and thanks for chiming in. :slight_smile:

Is the option immediately reenabled after closing and opening the preferences panel again? Or after restarting the app?

Here’s the behavior I’m seeing:

With focus on a particular item, say a bookmark to a webpage, in the list of items, I open the settings window and disable javascript.

Now opening the item (cmd-O), javascript remains disabled. Clicking on another bookmark, javascript remains disabled.

However, if I click on a markdown item and then back to a bookmark, javascript is again enabled. Or if I click on a markdown item and then open the settings, javascript is again enabled.

As far as I’ve noticed, it is only the markdown items that cause javascript to be re-enabled. Selecting other documents (pdfs, formatted notes, web archives, rich text documents) do not result in the javascript setting being changed.

@Wombat That’s it!! I thought I was going crazy. But I also just changed the Markdown Display setting to “Edit Documents” (a few days ago) so wasn’t seeing this happen anymore.

So just viewing MD docs in edit mode is fine. But switching to “Preview” causes the Javascript setting to revert to on (guessing that’s because it’s tied to the same engine to render the MD docs?).

Thanks all!

Are you using a default JavaScript ?

Thank you, this is a known issue of the current release and already fixed for the next release.

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@cgrunenberg Awesome! Thank you very much.

Are you using a default JavaScript ?

Whoops. I missed this message. Sounds like the issue is fixed, but to reply, no I don’t have any custom Javascript specified under Files > Markdown > Javascript.

No worries!
Testing the fix now but be aware that doesn’t mean a hotfix is coming :slight_smile: