Enable spotlight index

Log error: "5 /11/22, 7:45:52 AM: General files The database contains a huge number of tags. Due to the enabled Spotlight index the exported Finder tags might slow down the system.

Either disable the Spotlight index or use the hidden preference “DisableFinderTags” to prevent this."
71 items left.

Recently upgraded to DT3. Like the log. Necessary. Indexing files.
Relocated sync from Dropbox to iMac. Still not syncing iPad and iPhone like I expect so I’m thinking about restoring Dropbox sync.

error msg 2:
DTAgent Pro error: "Unfortunately, [your browser is too old to work on this site] Please [upgrade your browser to view rich content, log in and reply.
Guess this means I need to buy DTA3?
Thanks in advance

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Are you asking a question or just stating a fact?

What do you mean by this? Again, I’m unsure whether you are asking for assistance or just stating a fact.

The current version of DEVONagent Pro is 3.11.5; if you have any questions re. DA, please post them in the appropriate section of the forum.


Spent 15 minutes on an email reply. Sent it. Then got a DT email error msg stating it didn’t post. Couldn’t find in Sent folder to resend. Frustrated.

Error by definition means a problem. The error log/msg is what I posted.

Yes I need assistance solving this problem with the synchronization of my databases.

Now you got me hooked. First it’s about spotlight and indexing and too many tags. Then it’s about DEVONagent. And now it’s about sending email via DT and that you “need assistance solving this problem with the synchronization”.

It’s probably me, but I don’t see what the real problem/s is/are. May be some effort to describe the situation in complete sentences might help?


That may be so, but the message also suggests the solution; so I don’t know where you’re at. Like @chrillek, I would suggest you elaborate, preferably using full sentences.

That much is now clear. Please post details on how you are syncing (as I said before, it is unclear to me what you mean when you say you “relocated sync from Dropbox to iMac.”), and what exactly is or is not happening. Other than the (potentially) unrelated error message you posted, do the logs in DTTG or DT contain entries?

May I please suggest that for the future you stick to one problem per post (which helps those answering concentrate on one thing at a time, and relates their answers to a specific question) and provide more details, ideally followed by a question?


DEVONagent Pro 2.x was depreciated around 11 years ago, so it does appear that an upgrade to version 3.x will be needed. Perhaps someone could move thiis part of the discussion to the DEVONagent forum?

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Close this question. I’m done.