enabling icloud sync

I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t figure out how to enable icloud sync in DTTG. When I got into Settings, the Locations button only shows the dropbox method. Do I have to upgrade to the Pro Package for this?



Click the Edit link in DTTG’s Settings > Sync: Edit Locations, to expose other sync options.

Thanks, that helps. Now I have a different problem. I keep getting an Invalid Encryption Key error. I have changed and re-entered the same key on both Mac and iPad, and still get the error. Are there specs as to how the encryption key should be formatted?

You cannot do that. If you add/remove/modify an encryption key, you must clean the location before you make the change.

Played with it some more, and got it to work. Seems like this should be easier!

It is easy.

  • Start a sync location and optionally add an encryption key up front.
  • Use that sync location and encryption key (if specified) for other syncing devices.
  • Optionally, if you want to add / remove / modify an encryption key after the fact, clean the location, make the change, then resync.

You need to Clean the location before changing the encryption key. This will clear out the Sync Data currently in that location and you will have to reSync. This is because we cannot apply encryption to the files in that Sync location. Sync has to retransmit the Sync data, encrypting it as it is sent.