Enclosing folder issue?

I run DPO on a 27" monitor and display all my files (Groups). Each file has sub folders (sub Group) and perhaps there may be folders nested below that level.

I often work from one Group to another or to sub Groups etc. Is there a way I can stop DPO from opening another window (usually on the second monitor) when I click on another Group or sub Group? Usually I just want to look quickly at a document and move on. DPO never used to do this so either a “feature” has been added or I have inadvertently turned on a preference that I really do not want or need.

Is the option Preferences > General > Always open groups in new windows enabled?

Duh - yes it is. I thought I had turned it off as I have been back to Preferences several times trying to fix the issue. I will monitor it in case there is something triggering a change in the Preference settings.

May thanks


It’s not me - the preferences have reset to Always open groups in new window".

Which Preference file should be deleted to allow this to be corrected?


Does it work again after restarting the computer? Which edition do you use?

I raised an issue with Enclosing Groups previously. The “feature” continues to annoy.

I often work across several databases, folders and sub folders in quick succession given the structure of my workflow. I often find that a file I have been working on is collapsed after I return to it and I have to re-open at database level to the folder, sub folder and locate the file again.

Could disabling “Enclosing Groups” be optionally disabled in Preferences.

My Preferences are currently set to General/Retain View but not Always Open Groups in a New Window.

DPO v2.8.10

I just checked this but the preference seems to work as expected, it’s still the last setting after reopening the preferences panel or restarting the application. When is the preference reset on your computer?