Encoding question (UTF-8)


Is it possible to force DTP to work with UTF-8 internally instead of MacRoman?

I know that it can import UTF-8, but the file then seem to be converted to MacRoman. Also the automatic recognition of encodings in my experience generally fails to recognize UTF-8 files as such and imports them as MacRoman in the first place …

Most if not all of my text files are UTF-8 encoded and, naturally, I’d like them to stay that way, even after import in a DTP database. (As far as I understand these matters, UTF-8 is kind of ›the future‹ anyway, isnt’t it? Plus OS X seems to have better UTF-8 handling than at least most other operating systems – at least the ones I know.)


DEVONthink uses UTF-16 internally but what’s missing is a preference to specify the encoding used while exporting (currently automatically chosen). Probably this will be part of the next minor maintenance release.

That would be great—thanks!! :slight_smile:

Chris, I second your enthusiasm. Now, that would be useful!