Encrypted Database: Can't reopen from Used Databases Panel

Scenario: MacBook pro 2018, DT3 3.0.4, remote WebDAV location (although same network)

Setup: Several databases, some encrypted, all synced.

Situation: Every now and then, e. g. when trying to re-write a document from an external editor to the db, the db is closed with an error, but it happens with explicitly closed databases as welll as after closing DT3.

Symptom: After double-clicking the db from the “Used Databases” panel on the left side (disclaimer: using the german localization I gues what it’s called), DT3 asks for the password (which is ok of course), then the “Database seems to be in use…” dialog appears, and after clicking “Continue” the error message “database could not be created” appears. If then (afterwards or alternatively) I choose File > Open Dabase from the menu, navigate to its location and oopen it, I still get the warning (after password dialog) about the db being in use, but then it is opened und usable.


  • Why are normally closed databases falsely reported of being in use?
  • Is the issue of a failing reopening an individual phenomenon or already filed as a bug?

Thanks for a short answer.

This is already a known issue and will be fixed by the next release.

  • Why are normally closed databases falsely reported of being in use?

The Database in Use warning is normal and occurs after DEVONthink has terminated abnormally (crash or force quit).

As stated in the first entry, this happens with encrypted databases even if closed by menu command, so I’d like to stick with the answer of @cgrunenberg.

Thanks anyway.

Actually this should happen in this case and doesn’t over here. Does this also happen using a new encrypted test database?

Nope, not with a freshly created one (with not very much in it).

And a reboot of the computer does not fix this issue?