Encrypted database greyed out in Recent Database

When I close a (small) encrypted DB, it first appears greyed out in “Recent Databases” in the sidebar. And if I click on it, nothing happens. But if I open it through the menu all is fine.
Opening a new window ungrays it.
DT 3.5.2
MacOS 10.15.6

Normal behaviour, is it?

I can confirm the behaviour; I don’t think that’s working as it should, no - and it isn’t described that way in the manual. As a workaround you could - if you don’t have so many databases - add your databases to the “favourites”; this works as it should - open databases are grey and cannot be clicked - once closed, they turn black and can be clicked.

This is likely due to the change we made to alleviate macOS from spontaneously unmounting our encrypted databases.

@cgrunenberg will have to assess this when he’s available.

Was the database currently opened? Then this is correct (as the extension is changed to .sparseimage while opened to work around the Time Machine bugs of Catalina).

No, as with the OP the database was closed and then appeared greyed out in “recent databases”, but (on my device) black and selectable in “favourites”; I actually checked with disk utility, and the database was not listed there at that time, so had been correctly closed and ejected.

And the next release will fix this too.