Encryption and iCloud sync

Hi All,
When using iCloud as sync mechanism, I understand that the data is encrypted before uploading to iCloud servers (when we set a sync password) . Are both the file contents and metadata ( file name, file size, date created etc) are encrypted before uploading to icloud servers? Or only the file content is encrypted?

Welcome @dasada

I believe this was answered by our company president on Reddit. It’s all encrypted. It’s also not copies of your files or your database(s). It’s raw, chunked, and optionally encrypted sync data. No one – not even you – can go into a sync location and take out some specific document.

Thank you for your reply. Yes saw the reply on reddit but was not sure if it was from a user or DT employee so thought of posting in official forum :). Great to know that entire data including metadata is encrypted. Am relieved that irrespective of the sync method used (by wire or icloud), the same amount of security and privacy is being provided.

You’re welcome and I’m glad you’re feeling more relaxed about the situation :slight_smile:

PS: We don’t hang out on Reddit as we have these forums and our support ticket system to run. We get notifications from Reddit and hop in as needed but this is the best place to be for discussing all things DEVONtech! :smiley: