Ending a hyperlink?

After adding a hyperlink to the end of a rich text document, either by pasting a URL or option-dragging another document, when I continue typing beyond the link the new text becomes part of the linked text. How do I get out of the hyperlink so I can continue typing normally?

(I’m running 10.5 and DEVONthink Pro Office 1.3.3, but it’s always been an issue for me.)


This happens in all applications that use the Apple object that deals with text. It’s rather annoying that they still haven’t fixed it in Leopard. I’ll see if we can add a workaround for it.

I don’t think that there’s any difference between the public v1.3.3 and the internal v1.3.4 but pasting links or making links works as expected as typed text isn’t linked afterwards.

But editing rich texts using v1.3.3 on Leopard isn’t recommended, maybe that’s the origin of the problem.

Thanks for these responses. I’ll wait and see if I have the same problem when 1.3.4 is out.

David, in the interim always add an extra space after the last character of the text string, before you make it a link. Then the link won’t “carry over” into text added after the link.