Endless frustrations upgrading to DT3

Where to begin… Some problems I’ve been able to solve, but…

I just installed DT2 Pro Office on a new Mac with Catalina, followed by an upgrade to DT3. Probably my first mistake given my scanner only has 32-bit drivers and there seems to be many incompatibilities with Catalina with a number of products. Anyway, new scanner ordered… probably time for one anyway.

I installed the PDF Services, but when I try and print a document and select “Save PDF to DEVONthink 3”, all I get is a dialogue box that says “Error while printing”. I thought I read somewhere this only works if there is a working printer installed, so I removed and reinstalled my Samsung C410W laser printer (to be sure it was added correctly under Catalina). I can print any document just fine. I also tried unchecking PDF Services and reinstalling them, but it still won’t work. I did restart my Mac after reinstalling the PDF Services. I’m at a loss for ideas.

Next is the Inbox sidebar… If I drag something over to the Inbox, it will sit there endlessly until I use the tool and select “Send to DEVONthink”. Under DTPO (v2), this was automatic. I can’t find any option setting to change the current behaviour. The Global Inbox is selected as the destination.

I’ve tried searching for some form of guide to upgrading from DT Pro Office 2 and all the important “You’d better know these things…” but have not found anything. Seems like a lot of people have had problems and this sort of reference may be helpful. This has definitely not been as easy as moving over the databases.

Any help at this point will be much appreciated!

You might want to see Bluefrog’s comment at Hazel can't find Devonthink's Global InBox about how to uninstall DT2, then start again with DT3.

You should try macOS’ own Print to PDF service to find out if it is broken in general or if it works and just handing the PDF it generates to DEVONthink is not working.

Another thing: Are there any files left in the old DT2 Global Inbox? I presume you had been using DT2 on an old Mac and transferred all the data to the new one (with the Migration Assistent maybe?). If so you should open the old Global Inbox with DT3 and drag all its items into a regular database, maybe some interim group to later process them. Only after you have saved these items you should delete all DT2 related folders and files.

And that’s what I would do: After backing up extensively I would de-install both instances of DEVONthink completely (not the databases of course!). And then I would re-install DT3 and see if everything works.

Thank you for the replies. Both were quite helpful and I have made some progress.

First step was to review the article about removal of DT2. I also completely removed DT3 to give myself a fresh start. Once reinstalled, I moved over my inbox and database files. All seems much better here. The sorter certainly seems different (but more capable) so I’ll need to play with this a little.

Second, I did further testing with the printer. I can send a document to my Samsung printer already stored in DT3, from any other application, or Preview with no problem in order to generate a hardcopy. I also tried saving a PDF to DT3 but first selected a different printer I was able to temporarily connect to on the network and this also worked fine. My only problem is it isn’t my printer so I should not be doing this by default. Specifically, I’ve narrowed the issue down to instances where I only get this error when using Preview. Unfortunately, I depend on Preview quite a lot so this is causing me grief.

Is Full Disk Access enabled for DEVONthink 3 in System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy ?

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Good day Jim,

No, it was not enabled. I’ve done so now and this has resolved the problem. Thanks very much, I appreciate all the assistance! Looking forward to digging into the new version a little more.

You’re very welcome and happy digging! :slight_smile: