EndNote Template

I have trouble using the EndNote templates from DT. I get the following error:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.55.37.png

A reference in an open EndNote database has been selected, so this leads me to think that DTProOffice is not working with the latest version of EndNote. Are there updates to work with the latest version of EndNote which is X7.4?


I’m not seeing any issue with EndNote X7.4 here. Anyone else?

I’ve discovered when the error can occur:

Try placing your EndNote X7 window in a different space other than your current Desktop. DTPro is going to complain that EndNote isn’t open. However, if the EndNote application’s window(s) are in the same Space as DTPro, then it won’t complain.

This is applicable when creating from new template a reference from EndNote.

Edit: By “Space”, I’m talking about OS X’s ability to create different desktop spaces.

Technically, what is happening here is that DEVONthink is merely reporting an error that EndNote 7.x generates. I’ve run the source code through debugging and see that the code segment in the script that fails is a call to EndNote to execute an EndNote “retrieve” command. That EndNote “retrieve” command expects EndNote to return the “selection” in the current EndNote window. When the window is in a different space than the current space, then EndNote abends ungracefully. The EndNote command needs fixing by Thompson Reuters – their code should operate in every space, but it does not. It’s not a DEVONthink problem to fix. As soon as TR issues an update to their dictionary, the DEVONthink script will work again.

Fine, thanks for discovering this. I’d be happy to send in a error report to Thompson Reuters, but suspect they would require more technical detail than I know how to provide. Do you think what you wrote would suffice as an error report that would be sufficient to report to TR? If so, I could do it.