Endnotes by using wikis?

I’ve done a search on the forum but can’t seem to find what I need in regard to endnotes.

I have an article that has endnotes already configured in it. (This is an article I imported from another source) I guess the original links worked when it was online, but now the links do not take you from the citation number ( [1], [2], etc.) to the corresponding endnote.

I do not want to have separate footnote documents open up when I click on one of these–but that is the only technique I have seen referred to in the documentation.

Simply, is it possible to create a wiki link that, when clicked on, will take me to the end of the article where the particular endnote is located?

Much thanks,


Currently, DT/DT Pro only set links to documents. It’s not currently possible to link within a document. (That will probably come later.)

My personal workaround is to copy the entire DT/DT Pro rich text document to the clipboard and paste it into Pages. In Pages, I can then set hyperlinks between endnote numbers and their corresponding reference citations. The revised document can then be copied back to DT/DT Pro. Note that Pages can also export as an MS Word document, and the bookmark links work perfectly under Word.

Another tip: If you capture such material off the Web in the Web Archive format, reference links are internalized, and will work offline in DT/DT Pro. (However, I haven’t had luck keeping the internalized link if I then capture a rich text note from the Web Archive.)


Thanks very much for the info, and the knowledge that a future Pro version might do that. When that occurs, I’ll probably jump to Pro.

For now, the Pages idea works since I did buy that one!