Endnotes, Footnotes?

Does anyone know where the debate on end/footnoting in Dthink is up to? I know its been discussed before.

I would like to suggest a simple endnoting feature that creates the endnote numbers as hyperlinks to the note.

I know a couple of academic researchers who still use word documents to create simple databases, but with lots of foot or end notes. I suspect lots of researchers in the social sciences still do this - and theyre so busy with their research they dont have time to follow developents in new software. When I showed them Devonthink and encouraged them to consider using it they were impressed but asked what they would do with their footnotes.

Im interested if anyone else finds this an issue. Footnoting is so standard in academia i think that at the very least it would make it much easier to get academics to switch to DT.

Making footnotes and endnotes with the built-in text editor of Mac OS X is not an easy task as the TextEdit engine does not come with it out-of-the-box. However, we are aware of this problem and may eventually come up with a solution.


Once I had a basic footnote thing working with Applescript for exporting a file with footnotes from DT to an RTF file, but it was clumsy and far from perfect - and it isn’t any use within DT itself that I can see.