English quotation mark ["] automatically replaced by [«]

This is driving me nuts!

Both DevonNote and Devonthink have somehow decided to disallow regular English-language quotation marks [“text here”] which they automatically convert to Greek quotation marks [«text here»]. I have tried all relevant settings in the Snow Leopard (text substitutions etc.) but the problem persists. The only way possible for inserting English quotation marks is via the Character Palette!

Please help… :frowning:

Do you see the same behavior in TextEdit?

No, DT/DN are the only apps exhibiting the issue, and this is exactly why I am so astounded. I just can’t figure this out at all, and it’s been bothering me for some time…

The style of quote marks you see are typical of those I would expect if using, e.g., a German keyboard.

What happens if you change the check state for ‘smart quotes’ in Preferences > Editing?

Aha! Deactivating the check box as you suggested did the trick! (I was only tinkering the settings in the Snow Leopard—provided contextual menu).

What still puzzles me, however, is that the problem appears with an English keyboard setting. Granted, German is one among my four keyboard languages in MacOS (US English, French,German, Greek), but the erratic behavior persisted with all four languages.

Any idea why this is happening? I would like DT/DN/MacOS to automatically replace “dumb quotes” with “smart curly quotes”. This works fine in all applications except DT/DN… I wonder why…

Thanks for the help.

I have issues with smart quotes as well. Depending on preferences DTP produces either the “inch-Character” or „standard German quotes“. But I would like DTP to follow what I enter in Snow Leopard’s System Preferences (like Text Edit): »That’s what I like and some call German Book quotes«.