English to German script won't work

I’m having difficulties getting the English-German translation script to work. I guess I’m doing something wrong. I highlight text in a document stored within DT Pro (I’m wanting to use both German to English and English to German) and click on the script but just get a dialogue box saying . I’ve tried this several times with different documents without success.

Can anyone give me a clue as to how to work this. I’ve never really got into scripting but maybe it’s time I did. Thanks. :slight_smile:

The translation service used by this script is unfortunately not that reliable - sometimes it’s working, sometimes not.

Would there be any way to alter the script to use Google Translate? I find google’s translation to be very good.

It should be definitetely possible but the script would be completely different. The Google SOAP search API isn’t available any longer and I don’t think there was ever one for the translation.