Enlarge fonts for all notes

I just bought a large monitor, so the 11 point type in all the notes in my View/Edit pane are pretty small. I’d like to universally change them to 14. I see in Preferences where I can change the List View fonts and Column View fonts … but where can I enlarge all the fonts in the View/Edit Pane? Or d I have to do each one manually?

Most of my notes are in 12, so that it’s hard to read them in actual size on my 27" monitor.

It would be inconvenient to change to a larger font size, especially when I move my drafts into a full-featured word processor, where I would need to reduce font size.

Instead, try view magnification under the View menu. There’s a keyboard shortcut.

Your view magnification will be remembered (except for PDFs opened in a separate document window - currently these open at “actual” size).

Perfect. Thanks much.

Yes, thankfully DTPO has a view magnification feature that many other apps don’t have (Omni Outliner is one as I recall). Now, I was young once, but with advancing years and larger monitors, I can’t see those chicken scratches on the screen like I use to. I suspect all the programmers these days are young and have no concept of this issue. When I’ve requested this feature in other apps on their forums, I’m always told to use the screen zoom feature - yes I use it when desperate, but view magnification is soooo much better.

Thanks Devon. A sign of a “mature” company!!