Enlarging an encrypted database?!?

I can only assume, that there is no direct way of enlarging an encrypted database.

But is there a way to create a new and larger encrypted database and then sync the remote content to it?

How to do this best?
Disable Sync for this database, then delete the original database and after that just create the new database (with the same name) and enable sync again?

See here. Resizing is possible.


Many thanks.

Sadly, I tested my idea already.
And it did not seem to work.

I really hope that this did not NULL my remote database.


Internally, databases are identified by id rather than name, so your method was doomed to fail.

But that may mean that I did not sync my remote database to “emptiness” :slight_smile: Going to check this …

Correct, I would assume the sync store is intact.

Renaming the disk image and resizing it with Disk Utilities is a great idea.
Of course it would be cool if DT could offer this itself …
Just as an idea.

Anyways, as I did not have any local image anymore, I could simply re-import from remote and at this stage directly could set a new size …
Database is syncing right now.

Thanks a bunch!!!