Enter doesn't save in post-OCR-metadata window DT3.0.4 (parallel OCR works though!)

Thanks for DT3.0.4 - which has for the first time introduced parallel instead of sequential OCR into the document queue for DT3. However:

DT is set up for “enter metadata after text recognition”; now when I scan several documents, the first metadata window opens when OCR has finished on the first document. (OCR now continues on the following documents, meaning I never have to wait for DT anymore.) I enter the metadata, e.g. a name, a date etc.; when I now press enter nothing happens; until DT3.0.3 pressing enter saved the data and moved on to the next document. I now have to click on the “save” button to do the same thing. It is not possible to tab to the save and cancel keys either.

Just tested: same behaviour if there are no other documents in the queue and even if I don’t actually make any entries in the metadata window. Escape works, but is equivalent to cancel rather than save.

Thank you for the bug report! Which version of macOS do you use?

oooooh, macOS Catalina 10.15.3 - cutting-edge. Bleeding edge sometimes :crazy_face:

Thanks, I’ll forward this.

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It also stopped prefilling the author field, focussing on the title field in the next document after hitting save and the window can’t be resized anymore.

In short: It feels like a rushed rewrite of that component and slows you down, far outweighing the benefits of parallel OCR.

Over here same behavior

In addition: Tags no longer auto-complete in this window

Thanks, all these issues will be fixed by the next release.

Thank you :+1: