enter full screen

The PDF viewer in DTPO has a full screen button on the toolbar, but does not use the OS standard ⌃⌘F shortcut.

Also the window frame controls in the top left don’t work. (At least, on Yosemite beta 5).

Request these minor but useful enhancements.


Re “Full Screen”: In DEVONthink there are two Full Screen options.

DEVONthink has long had a Full Screen option to view or edit a document in isolation. I often use that when I’m reading a long document. The keyboard shortcut is Command-F7. This is listed as View > Full Screen > Document.

OS X has a Full Screen Mode that’s applicable to view windows in DEVONthink and has the effect of making the menubar disappear. It does use the standard keyboard shortcut to trigger the effect, Control-Command-F. This is listed as View > Full Screen > Window.

DEVONthink’s View menu includes the option Full Screen, under which the two options above are listed, each with its own keyboard shortcut.

I work on a 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina. I use the Three Panes view in DEVONthink most of the time. If I select a PDF document to read, it had been set for Fit to Width. I’ll probably switch to Full Screen > Document to make the PDF take full screen width, so I can sit back and read it easily.

Personally, I don’t find the OS X Full Screen mode useful. Saves little screen real estate, and I really don’t want to lose sight of the menubar.

Re Yosemite beta issues: There will always be at least minor adjustments to make each time Apple upgrades OS X to a new version.