entering purchase license code

I purchased Devon Agent about 2 years ago (via a Mac software bundle deal).
I am trying to enter my license code onto my new macbook. After inputting my code, the input form just has the register button grayed out. I tabbed between fields but nothing changes.
Do I need to purchase a new license for a second computer. If not, any clues what may be the problem?

Please, try to enter ALL details, including your name and organisation, EXACTLY as they appear in our e-mail. Best practice is to copy-and-paste name, organisation (if entered) and license code from our e-mail into the appropriate fields of the registration dialogue window.

If that shouldn’t work, just send an email to support - at - devon-technologies.com including the necessary information.

I have had the same problem. I never got a response from support. The solution was to have the license re-sent. The one that came was different from that which was originally sent, as were the other details on the license. When these were entered it worked fine. It would have been nice to get some support. When I checked how my query was going online it said ‘closed’, even though I had no response since initial confirmation of the request a week ago.

Actually, you received a response to your support ticket by email on Oct 21 (Thu, Oct 21 2010 9:15am - Heike Volkmann). We never solve issues by ignoring.