Enterprise Edition -- When?

Does anyone know if the Enterprise Edition of DT is still a real product under development?

I work in a drug information center with 2 people usings DT/Macs and the remaining 4 employees on PCs. They are very jealous of DTs capabilities and I am always frustrated that we cant share data among us. (A centralized database would be ideal)

Since we will never be an all Mac office, DT Enterprise seems to be the solution.

Any news??



This is a serious question, although I have a smile on my face. Why not become an all-Mac office? There are only 6 of you, 2 already on Macs, so the conversion should be relatively inexpensive and painless. Plus, my guess is that the PC users are only going to become more and more jealous of the Mac users and their capabilities as MacOSX moves forward. I’m a scientist and I never touch a PC but I routinely do work and provide outputs to PC-oriented clients. I guess I’m wondering what it is that would require you to remain mostly on PCs?


Unfortunately my company is dedicated to PC. The only reason I and the other employee (my wife !!) use Macs is that we have purchased them ourselves. Trust me, we have made the argumanet many times and they refuse to hear us. To illustrate the point, I recently asked for VirtualPC to run 1 piece of Windows only software that I use a few times a month. Instead of coughing up the $200, they decided the best course of action was to buy me a new Dell laptop ($700 +) to run the software. It now sits on my desk gathering dust.

I’ve searched for similar software (to DT) in the PC world but haven’t had much luck. I would imagine a custom developed database would be the best option, but given my companies track record, it looks like we will have to personally purchase our own solution. DT Enterprise seems (potentially) to be the best choice.

Any other ideas you have ChemBob?