Entire Database Syncing

I waited until some of the bugs were worked out and took the plunge today. I moved (did not replicate or duplicate) one folder into the sync folder in a pretty large database as a test. The entire database started syncing, not just the folder in the sync folder - I watched for a minute to be sure that was really happening - the progress bar made it clear the whole database was syncing - and then I cancelled - a lot of random files from the database are now on the iphone. The files include some that were in the folder I moved to the sync folder - but many more that were not.

I am not sure how to proceed - I have searched the forums and have not found this problem. I need to get the random files off the iphone but moving files from the sync folder on my mac won’t do that - and I need to get this working with just the sync file.

I am doing this with an iphone gs and original macbook air with 10.5.8 OS.

Thanks for any help.

To remove the files from the iPhone, go to the Settings app on your home screen, scroll down to find the settings for DTTG, select it, and set the “reset” button to on. The next time you launch DTTG, all the files will be removed.
I am uncertain as to why your entire database is being synced. I will try to get Bill (our support wizard) to jump in and help figure this one out.

ok - thanks

I can’t imagine how moving a single folder into the Sync group could trigger sync of the entire database, unless that single folder happened to the the top-level folder in the database organizational hierarchy. If so, yes, that’s what should happen.

As I don’t want to modify my organization, I replicate rather than move items to the Sync group.

I promise I did not make this up - it is not top level - again, I was just doing a test and moved the folder rather than replicate. I have refrained from using, will try again.