Entire databases section went missing

Just encountered a weird problem on my phone. The entire “DATABASES” section went missing from the UI, and all I could access was the global inbox. When I went into the sync settings and opened up the WebDAV sync location, the databases were all there. However, they all had a last update date in the past that couldn’t possibly be correct — February 2021. I say it couldn’t possibly be correct because it’s an iPhone 13 I bought in September.

Meanwhile, the iPad using DTTG and the same WebDAV sync was fine.

I tried turning the WebDAV sync location off, closing DTTG, opening it, and turning sync back on. No change. I tried a deep verify, it didn’t find anything wrong.

In the hope of avoiding having to set up WebDAV again (with the encryption key hassle), I turned on Zeroconf sync to my Mac, and synced the same set of databases. I got a bunch of errors about missing .manifest files, but at the end my DATABASES section had returned, and the WebDAV sync also showed plausible last update timestamps. I turned the Zeroconf off, and so far everything seems fine again. (Well, except for the “can’t view plain text notes” bug you already know about.)

I don’t know exactly when this happened, and don’t recall seeing any kind of error message. I just happened to notice this morning because I tried searching for something I knew existed and couldn’t find it, and then decided to go find it manually, and then wondered where my databases were…

Very strange indeed!
Let us now if this recurs.