Entourage and DTP

On the Macupdate forum I read the following comments about the use of Entourage and DTP:

I used MS Entourage to keep track of my Tasks, Daily Logs, Contacts… etc. I write very detailed daily logs in Entourage so I have a calendar and daily record of what how the project is progressing. I also use my Palm Tungsten to record voice memos while I am at the jobsite. I also use Omni Outliner Pro for my To Do and jobsite lists.
What I find wonderful about DT Pro (and personal edition) is that I set up a database in DT Pro and I can then take all my Tasks, Calendar Events, Contacts, etc and just drag them from Entourage to DTP and it copies everything, (header, time, date, subject and all the text). I don’t have to open the calendar events and copy and paste them, just open the calendar view and drag the event title from the calendar into DTP and it brings everything with it… everything. I also download my voice memos from my Palm Tungsten T and drag the .wav files to the Daily folders I set up in DTP and everything is there in one complete daily and monthly file…

I would love to use DTP in the same way but it is not that simple! Can someone tell me what this user is refferring to?