Entourage drag & drop

In devonthink office Entourage 2008 drag and drop is not working. You can drag a file and you get the green + sign but after you drop nothing happens. If you drop on the desktop first it works, but not directly from Entourage - is this expected behavior?

Yes, I recall seeing here before that this is the expected behavior, as Microsoft had not provided D-Tech the API’s to create a plug-in.

Yes, this is a problem with Microsoft and Apple. It has been a long-time problem with many Cocoa-based applications and I think it will never be solved until M$ starts writing applications using Cocoa.

Ok thanks. Then is there a solution to save to devonthink in a folder rather than just the inbox? I can visualize saving to a folder called “I need to move this stuff” because the inbox gets cluttered with folders and “root” files.

You can use a folder action (search the online help on how to do that), or make an alias to the Global Inbox on your Desktop.