Entourage import

Nothing in text view…, not searchable,…
When I import entourage mail boxes via the applescript available from entourage, the messages can be accessed as .eml and viewed. Search in the content (source?) does not work.
But I get this diagnosis in the journal in french:
“Un probleme d’analyse est survenu: boite aux lettres “xyz@etd” doit contenir un message et contient 0.”
I suppose that this is why I don’t get the text view… and it is not searchable.

Any idea of what goes wrong ?

If I import via slide and drop I get the message as text only and loose all formatting (and cannot do this via script)

If I import via the menu import from mail and the selection screen with filters and so on, all (except for latin characters ie: é,à,è etc…) is fine. Why is it that the script (last available) is not working properly ?

The best thing is to send one of these messages as zipped files to support@devon-technologies.com and we can take a look at it.

This happens with all my messages in my Entourage mailbox.
The one I sent you about my previous post about crashes was OK at your end. Did you test it with the menu import from mail or with the script in Entourage ? I see that this script creates a record with different fields made up of parts of the message , does the menu import from mail do exactly the same thing ? (I think I’ve seen a warning/message about an Entourage/DTP conduit which the script does not invoke if I read the code correctly).
No problem for me to send you some messages (I’ll do this right away now) but I’m not sure it’s got to do with this. It seems to be a different behaviour of the import mail possibilities.