Epub text encoding problem in "Best Alternative" view

I have an ebook that displays †for apostrophes and other characters. The ebook does seem fine in “text alternative” view. Perhaps there is a text encoding issue?

How does it appear when you use QuickLook in the Finder?

Could you send a copy of the ebook to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Then we could check this (and fix it if necessary). Thank you.


The epub looks fine in Apple Books.

The next release will fix this.

I appear to have encountered a similar issue. When the appearance is set to “use dark background to show documents”, epub files when viewed in “best alternative” mode have white text on a white background which makes them unreadable. Switching to text alternative mode makes the files display white text on a grey background. Disabling dark background to show documents alleviates the problem altogether, but I thought that you all would want to know regardless.

Thank you for the bug report! Which version of macOS do you use? It’s possible that the stylesheet of the EPUB defines its own fore/background colors. E.g. I couldn’t reproduce this using the EPUB version of our manuals.

Catalina 10.15.4

Would you like me to email you the epub itself to see if you can replicate?

Yes, this would be useful - just send it to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com.

I was trying to take a screenshot of the issue to show you in the email but it looks like the option to go into dark background mode is unavailable now after I deselected it when I was having the issue. I did just send an email with an example of one of the epubs though.

That option is only available when using dark mode.