Er... Searching with DA is poor?

I have downloaded DA to trial the program before deciding whether to buy it or not.

My issue is- I get hardly any results when searching. For example: typing my surname on its own give 0 results, yet Google gives 395,000.

The word cabbage gives 11, 700, 000 pages- DA gives only 6!

And ecology gives 39, 900, 000 pages with google but only 2 with DA. Ecology is a large science and I would have expected more from DA.

I understand that DA is supposed to be better at finding relevant pages- but seriously- surely it is not doing what it is supposed to do? I can’t look at links between pages and see recommended sites as there are hardly any in the first place!

Am I doing something wrong? Is it that I have to pay for the program before it will show me results (in which case, why have a 30 day use on a product that does not work?)

Hope someone can help…


Some plugins of the last public release (2.3.1) are outdated but a major upgrade will be available later this year. In case you’re interested in beta, just send me an email.

I am a long time DEVONagent and DEVONthink user. The last days I noticed that my search results in DA are very poor. After reading this question and answer I checked the “Log” page and see that for the search set “Internet (Fast Scan)” yahoo and msn don’t return results - both because the service url has changed. And google returns very few results.

I am strongly interested in
_a A workaround for now until the next release is out. Can you please explain how I can create a working “Internet (Fast Scan)” set?
_b To start beta testing with a relative stable new version

Thank you very much for helping to keep DA usable.